Competition Rules and Procedures

The club conducts several competitions for members each year.

On approximately seven occasions during the year, members are invited to present up to two prints and two EDPI’s for judging by an external judge. The judge is required to place each image into one of the following categories:

Highly Commended

The points are aggregated leading to the award of a trophy for both the print category and the EDPI category, as well as Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions at the end of the year.

Prints and EDPI’s awarded either Highly Commended or Honour during the year are eligible to be entered in the End of Year (EOY) competition for the Print of the Year and EDPI of the year awards.

Members submit their print entries, into the box at the back of the hall, at the club meeting immediately prior to the meeting set aside for the presentation of the judge’s decisions.

Digital copies of prints and EDPI competition entries are to be uploaded to Photocontest Pro prior to midnight on the specific competition closing date (see syllabus for entry dates).

On most occasions the entries may be of any subject (Open), but, from time to time the subject matter will be limited to a topic or theme (Set Subject).

Most new members and beginners start in ‘B’ Grade. However, members can elect which category to enter if they wish, although it is expected that the member winning “B” will enter “A” in the following year.

The grade allocated to a member at the start of each year cannot be changed until the following year.