General Competition Information

As at April 2017

There are 6 Annual Aggregate competitions, Print and EDPI (Projected Image) for both A and B Grades. The competition is made up of 4 ‘Open’ and 2 ‘Set subject’ competitions each year.   

Members are allocated to either A Grade or B Grade at the discretion of the Print Committee, and can only compete in that grade during the year.

Winners of Annual Aggregate competitions for B Grade are promoted to A Grade.

B Grade members may elect to enter A Grade if they prefer.

Print Size
Maximum print size 16” x 20” for A Grade, and 8” x 12” for B Grade.

All prints (A and B Grade) shall be mounted on a maximum size cardboard of “16 x 20” (not in frames). Maximum thickness 3mm.

Panoramic Print formats are acceptable but must be contained within the correct size for the member’s grade.

Labelling of Prints
The competitor’s club number and a title must be placed on the back of all prints.  

EDPI’s (Projected Images)
All Digital Files – Maximum size is 1920 W x 1200 H pixels, sRGB, Max file size 1.5Mb.  For images in portrait layout, the maximum height is 1200 pixels (with the width adjusted accordingly). 

A and B Grade compete together for these trophies. Entries can be up to two Prints or two EDPI’s in each category. As the categories are alternated each year the requirements are as stated in the current syllabus.

B Grade workers may enter either A grade or B grade sized prints in the Annual Trophies Competition.

The current Annual Trophies are:

Shaw Tan Trophy
Joan Carson Trophy
Otto Rogge Trophy
Reub Solomon Trophy

(Even Years e.g. 2016)

Biennial Print Folio Trophy
Folio of 3 PRINTS on a theme or speciality
Con Adams Trophy
Folio of 3 Projected Images on a theme or speciality

(Odd Years e.g. 2017)

Stan Harrison Trophy
Folio of 3 PRINTS showing versatility
Heather Howey Trophy
Folio of 3 Projected Images showing versatility

• All entries must be received by the closing date. 
• Entries are made by uploading the print entries into the specific competition on the PhotoContest Pro wesite. 
• Late entries cannot be accepted.
• (Note regarding print entries: The EDPI of your print is used only to help the audience to see that entry on results nights. It is not sent to the judge).
• Members are asked to carefully check entries, with special attention to size (1920 x 1200). Members who need assistance can ask members of the print committee for advice by email:
• All photographs must be taken by the competitor. A substantial part of all digitally manipulated prints must be taken photographically by the competing member.
• Prints may be commercially processed.
• Members can enter up to 2 Prints and/or Projected Images in each competition (only exception is folio trophy).
• Each entry for the Annual Aggregate competition will be classed as Honour (10 points), Highly Commended (8 points), Merit (6 points), Acceptance (4 points) by the judge.
• The Judge’s decision is final.
• An entry receiving an honour or highly commended is automatically entered in the Print/EDPI (Projected Image) of the year competition, which is the last competition of the year.
• An entry receiving an honour or highly commended may not be entered in any future Aggregate Competition.
• The Committee reserves the right to reject any entry.
• The Committee may penalise a competitor by deducting points for failure to comply with the rules.
• The Committee reserves the right to withhold any prize or trophy.
• The awards are all presented at the End of Year presentation night.