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Depending on interest, the next course will run in 2018. Dates to be confirmed


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Course Outline

The Ivanhoe Photography Society (IPS) Basic Photography course not only offers the participant a chance to learn more about photography and photo taking but encourages you to mix with competent, passionate and knowledgeable photographers in a relaxed friendly environment. The course fees include a workbook / reference manual and membership to IPS for the remainder of the year.

The course is run over a series of weeks and offers a practical approach to learning about your camera and its controls. Topics will include unraveling the mystery of “shutter speed”, “aperture”, “exposure” and “depth of field”, interpreting the language of the photographer and explaining what all those buttons and symbols represent on your camera along with some simple tricks and tips on getting photos like a professional.

One session is dedicated to photo composition, what makes a pleasing image, the use of shapes and colour within your image and how to take interesting photos. Another part of the course deals with portrait photography and lighting your subject along with a practical session using studio lights and household lamps. Also there will be a session on Travel photography, discussing how to prepare and what to take depending on your destination.

There is a Sunday morning practical session held locally where you can engage the knowledge gained from the previous sessions with the guidance from our experience members. During the course, valuable information can be gained from our discussions about cameras, lens and other equipment and accessories.

Students are sorted into small groups of similar camera makes and models and each group will be assigned IPS mentors to assist with questions that may arise from each topic. Students are also encouraged to bring some of the images they have taken to each session for comments by IPS members.