The current committee members are:

Office BearersPresidentRita BrownE-Mail
Office BearersVice President Lisa LawE-Mail
Office BearersPast President Sara KnightE-Mail
Office BearersSecretary Dale MurphyE-Mail
Office BearersTreasurerRichard AsplandE-Mail
Sub-CommitteeCompetitions and JudgesLisa Law *E-Mail
Sub-CommitteeSyllabusRita Brown *E-Mail
Sub-CommitteeEquip. CommitteeDavid Mare, Dale MurphyE-Mail
Sub-CommitteePhotography CourseRita BrownE-Mail
Sub-CommitteeAwards GuidelinesNellina SebastianE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityNews Brief Editor Anne DakinE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilitySocial Sara KnightE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityOutingsLisa LawE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityComputer RecordsDale MurphyE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityVAPS Reps.Rita BrownE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilitySara KnightE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityRocky ZampaglioneE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityWebmasterDavid MareE-Mail
Positions Of ResponsibilityFacebookLisa LawE-Mail

* Denotes Convenor

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